Nissan’s Newest Take On Autonomous Driving: A Fish Tells You Where To Go

I am 100 per cent for getting instructions from animals, like if dogs were able to give directions and lions passed on delicious pasta recipes. In Nissan’s new Xmotion Concept, revealed today, the helpful animal of choice is a koi.

Granted, we’re not too keen on yet another Nissan crossover, but! This feature is too fun and interesting not to give a little attention to.

A “smart” koi fish, the concept’s virtual assistant that swims across its seven interior screens, can connect with the driver’s smartphone and provide useful pieces of information like points of interest and updates on the driver-assistance systems.


I actually very much enjoy this idea. It’s unclear is the fish talks or gestures somehow in order to communicate with the driver. Does it have a name? We don’t know. It doesn’t really matter because the fish is a classy touch.

The only downside I can see to this is that it could really with your peripheral vision if it’s swimming around on a screen next to or behind you. The motion is just twitchy enough to trip you up, I think.

Anyway, if Nissan ever implements something like this into its cars, I’d be very curious to see it in action.

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