Apple’s Prototyping a Redesigned, 6.7″ Notch-less iPhone for 2020

Notchless Iphone 2020 Credit: Ben Geskin

The Rumor

At least one of the prototypes for next year’s iPhone lineup is a device with no distinct notch, concept artist and leaker Ben Geskin said in a tweet.

Instead of the signature notch of Apples’ recent iPhones, the prototype 6.7-inch handset apparently houses the TrueDepth camera and its associated sensors in the top bezel.

To be clear, no one outside of Apple has likely seen the aforementioned prototype. But Geskin created a mockup based on the leaked information, which he says he sourced exclusively.

In the concept image, the iPhone in question appears more like recent iPad Pro models. Instead of a prominent notch, the suite of sensors for the TrueDepth Camera appear miniaturized and fit in the top bezel.

Of course, with a bezel-hidden TrueDepth sensor array, Apple could also implement Face ID without the need for a notch.

Because of that, the bezels in the mockup do seem slightly larger than those on the iPhone XS or iPhone 11. But the design does do away with the notch, which many users have complained about since the iPhone X back in 2017.

No Notch Next Year?

It’s worth noting that it’s pretty early to be placing any firm bets on next year’s iPhones, so take the aforementioned report with a grain of salt.

Still, Geskin has sourced accurate insider information in the past. And there are plenty of other rumors corroborating aspects of his prediction.

Well-connected TF Securites analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, for example, has previously forecasted a 2020 iPhone lineup with 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models.

Earlier this year, a Credit Suisse analyst cited by The China Times also claimed that at least one iPhone next year will sport a notch-less design. Interestingly, he predicted that all iPhones would ditch the notch by 2021.

2020 iPhone Rumors

Whether next year sees the end of the notch or not, 2020 is shaping up to be a pretty massive year for Apple’s flagship product.

The 2020 iPhone lineup is largely expected to be all-OLED and feature support for 5G connectivity. Other reports also suggest that the iPhones could also sport both Face ID and an in-display fingerprint reader, as well as an advanced time-of-flight camera for augmented reality.

There are also indications that the smallest iPhone in the lineup, a 5.4-inch device, could essentially be a spiritual successor to the iPhone SE.

Earlier this week, Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted that the 2020 iPhones could have a new design with metal frame edges more similar to the iPhone 4 than current Apple handsets.

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